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TC Personal development

In this section, participants can download tests for setting a goal, self-analysis, Pomodoro technique, personal development plan and emotional intelligence self-assessment in their native language.

VAK test

Setting a goal

Test question for self-analysis

Pomodoro technique

Personal development plan

Emotional intelligence self-assessment

TC Entrepreneurial learning

By downloading time managment tools, entrepreneurial surveys, tools for future entrepreneurs, time management, problem solving worksheets and leadership styles quiz, users can work on improving their overall knowledge about enterpreneurship.

ABCDE method - time managment tool

Entrepreneurial survey

Fear setting - a tool for future entrepreneur

4 Ds of time management

Problem solving worksheet

Leadership styles quiz

Business plan & business models

Discovering elevator pitch, business plan template, T-Chart tool, decision tree and 20 questions for improving business processes will allow partakers to organize their future work and conduct further analysis before venturing into business.

The elevator pitch

Business plan template

T-Chart tool

Decision tree

20 Questions for improving business processes