Files and documents

Personal development

Working on self-improvement and personal development can help you deal with stress and improve you level of confidence. But, it is also possible to apply some of the same techniques toward working on your career as well.

Test question for self-analysis

Emotional intelligence self-assessment

Personal mission statement

3 resources of self-awareness

4 Ds - delete it, delegate it, do it, defer it

7 C's of communication

Motivating yourself - practical tools & strategies

Reflective practice self-assesment

Self development plan

Snyder hope theory

Proffesional development

Under the Professional development section, users will find a different typea of activities that will help the users either, be he a professional or individual, to learn new knowledge and skills related to responsibilities at work, work environment and most importantly, one’s profession.

Getting Things Done (GTD)

Lewin's Leadership styles framework

The leadership pipeline model

The presentation planning checklist

Common presentation mistakes - Avoiding common pitfalls in your presentation

BRAIN, BRAN and BRAND - Balancing intuition with logic

Small scale planning – Action plan

SWOT analysis

Feedback and feedback form

The action priority matrix

Business development

Business development section covers exercises that will help users first to create their business plan, then to develop or improve their business skills, such as problem solving, decision making, delegation and time management, etc., so that they can succeed in their day-to-day business operations.

The elevator pitch

20 Questions for improving business processes

Entrepreneurial survey

Fear setting - tool for future entrepreneur

Problem Solving Worksheet

Business vision statement

Storyboarding - Planning and checking a process as a team

The six thinking hats

Toolkit "Three stages of success"

This Toolkit presents a new suite of mini-learning format resources for young people that support the acquisition of high-value labor market-oriented skills such as development of personal, professional and business skills. 

The Toolkit is arranged into sections:

- Personal development chapter

- Proffesional development chapter

- Business development chapter

and each of them into exercises, articles, tools, strategies, questionnaire, self-assessment, quizzes, etc.

We hope this Toolkit will be useful in the training centres, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, employment services, public institutions, local and national organization working with young people on local, national, European and world wide level.