The main outcome of the project "E+ got better - road to successful entrepreneur" was to design and create online learning website which will gather together tools, exercises, questionaries of personal, proffesional and business development. Each of this chapter have over than 10 learning activities, reflected through questionary, tool or exercices which serves to improve our personal skills, boost a sense of initiative and entreprenurial mindset.  All learning activities, collected and developed during the implementation of activities, are translated on following languages: english, serbian, macedonian, romanian, slovenian, croatian.

In this section, participants can download tests for setting a goal, self-analysis, Pomodoro technique, personal development plan and emotional intelligence self-assessment in their native language.

Personal development

Personal development is a journey not a destination. It is a way for people to access their skills and qualities, consider their aims and purpose in life, and set goals in order to realise and maximase their potential. Personal development fits alongside proffesional and business growth - so if you want to progress in your career you need to develop personally first. That's the only way you'll be able to handle your fears, take on more responsability and succed with greater challenges.  As the personal development is process of self-improvement, which focusing on building-up your own awareness, knowledge and skills, as well as overall sense of identity, we collect on one place set of over than 10 learning activities, tools and exercies which will help you to identify the skills you need to set life goals which will enhance your empolaybilty prospect, aspire your entrepreneurial spirit and mindset and raice your confidence and lead to more fullfilling, higher quality life.
By carring out this personal development tools and exercises you'll be learnining more about your abilities and aspirations, you'll figurate out where your beliefs and values lie, you'll be able to set clear and well-informed goals. With that clear and achievable targets, you'll be more motivated to actualy fullfil them.
While personal development might seem separate from your proffesional and business life, it could actually be a great starting point to achieve your career goals. 

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Proffesional development

Achieving success in your career, either you are employee, employer, business owner or entrepreneur,requires ongoing training and education, which is where proffesional development comes into play. Professional development it's not only about climbing the greasy pole of earning more money. It's also about avoiding stagnation in your career and future proofing yourself, this part of your development is important because it ensure you to continue to be competent in your profession. In this section, professional development we will take a closer look in learning activities and exercies which will help you either, you are a professional or individual, to acquire new skills and knowledge related to your professional live.
By applying this exercises you'll be able to lead effective and productive meetings, you'll get familiar what are common presentation mistakes and you'll learn how to avoid them. You will understand how to use essential communication skilsl and strategies for giving and receiving feedback in today's face-paced work enviroment and build confidence in your ability to effectively communicate feedback.

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Lewin's Leadership styles framework

The leadership pipeline model

The presentation planning checklist

Common presentation mistakes - Avoiding common pitfalls in your presentation

BRAIN, BRAN and BRAND - Balancing intuition with logic

Small scale planning – Action plan

Business development

Business skilss are important and unavoidable component of workplace sucess. Wheather you are a business owner of employee, possessing certain business skills can positevely impact the efficiency, performance and productivity. They are also fundamental component of starting, running and managing a successful business. This section cover learning activities and exercises that will help users first to create their business plan, then to develop or improve their business skills, such as problem solving, decision making, delegation and time management, etc., so that they can succeed in their day-to-day business operations.

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Toolkit "Three stages of success"

This Toolkit presents a new suite of mini-learning format resources for young people that support the acquisition of high-value labor market-oriented skills such as development of personal, professional and business skills. It collect 40 leasons, tools,exercices, questionnaire,self-assessment collected during the implementation of project "E+ got better - road to succesfull entrepreneur".
The Toolkit is arranged into sections:

  • Personal development chapter
  • Proffesional development chapter
  • Business development chapter.

We hope this Toolkit will be useful in the training centres, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, employment services, public institutions, local and national organization working with young people on local, national, European and world wide level.