Opportunities for people and organisation from all over the world

The European Union's Erasmus+ program is a funding scheme to support activities in the fields of Education, Training, Youth and Sport.
Erasmus+ provides grants for activities in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. It offers opportunities for:

  • individuals to spend a mobility or volunteering period abroad and to receive linguistic training,
  • organisations to collaborate in project partnerships in the fields of academic and vocational training, schools, adult learning and European sport events.

At the national level, they are managed by various national agencies, while at the European level they are run by the EACEA. As an executive branch of the EU, the European Commission is responsible for Erasmus+ policies and also oversees the overall program implementation.  The aims and objectives of Erasmus+ in the funding period 2014-2020 are education and training at all levels in a lifelong learning perspective, including school education, higher education, international higher education, vocational education and training as well as adult learning.

Society Support Alliance is also working within the Erasmus+ Youth Program to empower young people and provide them with new possibilites of personal and professional development, such as mobility in education, training and youth sectors (KA1) as well as the entrepreneurial know-how (KA2).