About our organization

Something about us

Who we are

Association “Society Support Alliance” is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit association, established in January 2014 by a group of experts and practitioners of youth work. Our team has already established international cooperation with other individuals, organizations and stakeholders by working on a national and European level in the previous years.

What we do

Supporting activities through diverse learning opportunities like training courses, seminars, workshops, study visits, youth exchange, work camps, volunteer services, symposiums, conferences, forums and other formats. All projects are conducted in collaboration with local, regional, national, European and other international partners through non-formal education.


The purpose of the association is to empower youth and take them out of their comfort zone to explore new possibilities of personal and professional development. Our main aim is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through unique, integrated instruction to identify the challenges of our time and develop solutions and models for sustainable organizations.

Basic principles of our work

Development of non-formal education. Implementation of measures aimed at young people to acquire knowledge, skills and other competencies by training, seminars, workshops, meetings, discussion clubs, etc.
Provide information, resources and other conditions for development of the youth movement, social and educational initiatives.
Promotion of education and work to prevent violent radicalization, fostering social integration, improving intercultural understanding and the sense of belonging to a community.
Develop efforts for a more inclusive and cohesive society that enables citizens to play an active role in democratic life.
To increase employment of young people and to support their personal and professional development.
To stimulate the creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people while motivating and supporting them towards their own business.

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