Key Action 2: Cooperation


“E+ Got Better: a Road to Successful Entrepreneur” is aiming to raise the capacities of organizations and youth workers to deliver better quality of entrepreneurial education. The program tends to develop personal and professional skills as well as to uptake knowledge in order to decrease youth unemployment through various projects using available materials and tools.

Unlike Key Action 1 within the Erasmus+ program, whose activities cover large scale voluntary service events, KA2 focuses on the following points.


  1. Coordination meeting
  2. TC Personal development
  3. TC Entrepreneurial learning
  4. Workshop business plan and business modeling
  5. Mid-term evaluation
  6. Workshop
  7. Local activities
  8. Conference
  9. Final evaluation meeting

Coordination meeting objectives

  • Getting to know each other personally and professionally
  • Building trust and partnership among participating organizations
  • Improving quality understanding of capacity building in the field of youth projects

TC Personal development objectives

  • To develop a set of personal skills (leadership and communication skills, problem solving, time management skills, self-motivation)
  • To help internalize these skills in order to further convey their importance with confidence and personal examples

TC Entrepreneurial learning objectives

  • To foster deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and what it means to be an entrepreneur
  • To develop necessary skills for youth workers and deliver quality entrepreneurial education as means of tackling key points in business growth
  • To exchange good practices in start-ups

Workshop Business plan & business models

  • Learn how to develop a plan and reach the goal you want for you and your organization (company, division, business, unit, team)
  • Identify the principles and mechanisms that drive successful implementation

Mid-term evaluation

  • Meeting to evaluate a project period on mid-term basis as well as practical and technical arrangements


  • Workshop for designing and finalizing a Tool kit “Entrepreneurship got better – tools for educators” the Initiative and business plan

Local activities

  • Final evaluation meeting objective to review the overall project cycle, project results, achievements, draw conclusions and extract lessons learned from the experience


  • Website with 40 practical activities (lesson ideas, quizzes, project ideas, etc.) on how to boost a sense of initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset of youth
  • Initiative
  • Tool-kit “Entrepreneurship got better – tools for educators”
  • Business plans

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All the files related to the project "E+ got better: a road to successfull entrepreneur" in the form of project results on how to boost a sense of initiative and an entrepreneurial mindset of youth. All materials are available in the native language of a participating country, including English.

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