Love and Entrepreneurship


Example of such attitude will be taken from a real life couple Sherry & Brad.

A daily dose of love and support

Turn toward each other in times of celebration as well as in times of stress,” I counseled them. Have a 20-minute meeting daily where you share your ‘to-do’ lists with each other [10 minutes each]. Be sure to include:

a) What you’re excited about
b) What challenges you’re facing
c) What’s getting in the way of solving those challenges and
d) Any support you’d like to receive

The couple agreed to embark on just such a daily meeting, and this one exercise alone began to shift Sherry’s feelings from resentment to compassion. This one-on-one re-invoked the couple's “We’re in this together” attitude that had been so successful in their early days of dating.

Boundaries, clarity and truth

Choose to save pockets of energy throughout the day so that by the end of the workday you have some reserve-energy left in the tank for self-care and being present with your partner. This could mean making a conscious decision to sign off from work an hour earlier than you’d like, or delegating work to your team.

If you’re in the early dating phase, allow yourself to be discerning. Your mission should be to find someone who loves your quirky entrepreneur qualities rather than judging them. That is, find someone who is comfortable with boundaries, clarity and truth sharing - three things a lot of people avoid when they're first dating.

Always be you!

Be "you" at all costs at the beginning of dating someone new. Free time is sacred to us entrepreneurs because we always want more of it! This, then, will make it all the more important for you to show up as your 100 percent true authentic self in the early months of a new relationship. It will enable you to find out faster whether the person you're with truly loves the real you, and avoid having to drop that “This is who I really am” bomb months into your time as a couple.

Remember that your goal is not perfection. It's not the complete avoidance of conflict. It’s about how quickly you pivot toward each other, drop all defenses and remember the truth: You love each other!