All you need is sense for money


We bound business progress to the concept of money in a quantitative, and not qualitative sense, without having any sense for money. This means that we are not even aware of the value of the money, because we are overwhelmed by getting it in order to have it more, forgetting what it serves for: to be earned a privilege of having (paid) free time that we will spend on personal development and helping others.

Instead, we take loans to buy cars, we borrow money to pay rent and spend on expensive things that have no value, in order to SEEM enough wealthy. But on the flip side – we owe to banks, we owe to people, we have many dues and BELIEVE this is the only good way.

Financial education is not good anywhere. No one teaches you how to save and invest, because those that teach you, they do it to make you ready for a job – first keep eyes on your money and take good portion of it – take universities for instance. Not to mention banks. Can’t profit from them, can’t function without them.

Financial education is important, but where the biggest problem usually lies, is in the CONCEPTIONS that we have about one thing. This comes also from the collective consciousness about the thing as well. I know people that have a relation with money that was influenced by political ideology, of course, there is a difference in thinking and how they do business between a capitalist and socialist.

But money is not dirty. Money is language. Money talks. We talk about it, either in positive or negative way. We must use it, in this or that way. We CREATE OPINIONS about people according to their attitude towards money. Having or not having money is differentia specifica of how we live our life. It is as it is.

So, there should not be rejection or resentment when it comes to money. I need it, you need it, I love it, and you should. Being friends with money is beneficial for everybody. People with money help other people with or without money. Have it and share it. It makes the world go round and don’t be distrustful any more.

Because it will only cost you MONEY not to believe in money.