Benefits of personal and professional development


Everyone has the need to develop. Expanding knowledge, continuous improvement of our abilities is needed for mental comfort. A person who remembers about constant development is inducing energy for action, because they know that hard work brings results. The routine is the worst. Standing in a place causes fatigue, a man becomes an ordinary craftsman with no passion.

The need for development is particularly important in the case of creative professions. I wanted to write a few words about my interior designer and furniture experience. Someone said to me a very important thing - a designer learns his whole life. This is a very accurate statement. When designers imagine creative projects, each one is prepared to complete the order. It can also be said that a designer learns from the start each time. Every project requires an individual approach. It is very important to keep up to date with current trends, materials and technologies as well as the presentation methods of the project. For this reason, my profession forces me to develop.

Goals of development

I could compare creative professions to sport. Each designer strives for perfection, just like a sportsman for the championship, because very often the market is brutal for average people. If at some level we stop developing, we condemn ourselves to the fate of a simple worker who performs uninteresting projects that do not bring satisfaction.

There is no chance for development without setting goals and without the ambition to create good projects. It is possible to carry out a good project when we primarily require ourselves, even when others do not require it.

I write here about professional development, while personal development is equally important to my work. It's worth working on yourself because projects require consistency, ordering and enduring time pressure and stressful situations. The designer sells the idea, so he gives his testimony with his personal attitude. In Poland, we say "how they see you, they value you so much" - the more I have experience, the more I realize how important the psychological aspect is.

Finally, a few words about the local conditions of the designer's work. There is a great demand in Poland for interior designers as well as furniture. Demand generates supply, the market becomes more and more overloaded. To be able to do interesting projects, you have to work a lot on yourself and constantly develop. Let's not succumb to the illusion of the designer's talent. As in any profession - the effects are primarily dependent on hard work, while in return the designer gets a lot of satisfaction and joy of the project. For this, you need humility and the awareness that there is always something to work on to keep developing.