Businessman vs. Entrepreneur


So similar terms at first glance, but in fact, there are important differences between them. The similarity between them is that they are both individuals, regardless who is entering the business. These guys also have different goals and objectives.

Businessman can make business out of an unoriginal trade or product idea, since he is already contributing to the existing business on the market. He sets up a business with an existing idea, offering products and services to end customers. Entrepreneur enters the business world by transforming an original idea or innovative product into a start-up company. They are inventors and first creators of a product. This group invests time, energy and money on its own idea. Entrepreneurs also don’t start a business based on an unoriginal idea.

A businessman has for goal to increase the financial profits and development of their own career or to reach their financial goals in order to becoming their own boss. The purpose and goal of entrepreneurs is to make a difference in this world, to realize their original ideas and change the world rather than gain pure financial profits.

Calculation and Intuition

A business owner tries hard to beat their competitors and win the competition as well to increase market share. An entrepreneur tries hard to beat their worst competitor – themselves and to improve the drawbacks of their idea. A businessman is an individual who calculates risk and makes a decision on the basis of available and reliable information. Entrepreneurs make a decision on the basis of their intuition rather than calculated and reliable information. In order to realize their dream and passion they must take excessive risk.

A businessman doesn’t waste time. He is fast and always on the go. An entrepreneur works like an artist or a scientist in a lab. His product is his masterpiece. That is why he can be slow and could spend a longer period of time to finish and perfect his product. A businessman is a market player. He sees the world as an opportunity. Entrepreneur is a market leader because he is the first to start such kind of enterprise, he sees the world as a duty rather than an opportunity.

Defining success

A businessman mostly defines success in terms of his treasury, profits and how well his stakeholders are doing. An entrepreneur doesn’t define success. They just get on with their work and let the world decide whether the endeavors are successful. They simply do their jobs and let history defines the success that they accomplished.

A businessman is thinking how he needs to hire people that strengthen the vision of his growth and overall increase of productivity in the business. A business owner is an employer and a manager. An entrepreneur is often focused on getting their team to be more productive than ever and produce more effectively rather than just efficiently. An entrepreneur is a friend and a leader.

A businessman needs an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur may also need a businessman. There can also be a person who is partly a businessman and partly an entrepreneur. One is for sure the world needs both of them.