Why is personal development important?


It seems like in society right now personal development is reserved for the "elite". It usually refers to those amongst us who have made it by society's standards and sit on top of the hierarchy of life. I don't believe that it's something only reserved for the gifted or for extraordinary individuals who were just destined to make it.

Personal development is something that is for all people from all walks of life, regardless of your job title or position. In my view, personal development is when we as individuals take time to learn new skills that could help us in our respective lives. This could mean reading books on how to strategize or even watching a video on how to capture an audience's attention.

Personal development is when you seek to become the best version of yourself; it's for a housewife as much as it is for a CEO. The skills we gain through personal development may differ from person to person, but the outcome is the same - a highly improved individual. Unfortunately, we live in a world where mediocrity is accepted and we are too quick to become content with our lives.

By no means am I saying contentment is a bad thing. However, it is used as a justification to not want to excel in all spheres of life. Success is not what we do compared to others, it's what we do compared to who we were made to be. Not everyone is destined to be a multimillionaire but we all have it within ourselves to excel.