Living the Richard Branson business way


Sir Richard Branson is one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs at present times. He is the founder of the Virgin Group - within that brand he manages to build a business empire from scratch and expand it to control more than 400 companies in various fields worldwide.

Moreover, he is an explorer, author and philanthropist. Despite the fact that there is a lot to learn from Branson, within this post we will focus on his approach to business.

Doing business while having fun...

This may sound unrealistic, but in fact, that's the main factor behind Richard Branson's success. He's living by the rule: "If it's not fun - don't do it!"

While you truly love what you do and you have fun doing it, so shall you more likely feel creative and motivated. By having fun you can also feel more energized and this has a humongous impact on others. Great leaders persuade and inspire people by passing their passion and energy onto them.

Respect your employees

Doing business doesn't mean that you have to be strict, unreachable kind of boss. In Branson's opinion, employees are first in the hierarchy, it differs from standard approach where clients are priority. Branson considers employees as the best investment. He knows that employees know how to change and improve business, because they are close to the "action".

In standard businesses, even when an employee has a perfect solution for the company's problem, the boss is unreachable and the idea is stuck at the desk of the superior. Richard solved this issue by allowing every single one of his employees to contact him directly with their ideas and problems. He has a manner to compliment publicly his most impactful employees and even mention them in his books.

Challenge yourself

Most people do not feel ready for business, task or the opportunity that comes. For them, there is never a good time to start, because they feel lack of skills, money, time or experience. If you are not ready yet and an opportunity comes, Branson would advice you to take the opportunity and challenge yourself by gaining what's necessary on the road. It fits perfectly with one of my favorite quotes from Reid Hoffman.

"Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down."

This quote is one of the most essential rules of making a successful business taken from Richard Branson. Consider implementing it into your business and notice the change. I also strongly encourage you to read Richard Branson books to get more insights from his unique perspective.