WEBEN – Portal of entrepreneurial education in new key


Our organization teamed up with Best-Seller and create a project "WEBEN: Portal of entrepreneurial education in new key", as a part of "Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices" in the field of youth of Erasmus+ program. Project tends to encourage increasing the number of youth workers able to work on the programmes that inevitably overlap with the topic of entrepreneurship, going further to delivering this kind of education to groups with fewer opportunities.

Expected outcomes:

  • Improved competences of youth workers in education on entrepreneurship supported by creative materials and methods developed.
  • Expanded perspective on entrepreneurship in different economic realities in Europe and Asia and created network of individuals and organizations.
  • Improved contact with beneficiaries encouraged and inspired to start their own business as the tool for self-employment.
  • “Weben” portal, main output for dissemination created and promoted.
  • The network of organizations with the same goals through which other initiatives will be launched and pursued after the project’s conclusion.

In order to achieve mentioner following activities will be implemented: Coordination meeting, Training course, Study visit, Workshop, Local workshop, Conference and final evaluation meeting.