What did we learn in Spain?


In November, 2021, our team had an opportunity to participate in the project "Look Inside" that took place in Gandia, Spain. 

Project was shaped as a training course that lasted 9 days in total and gathered participants from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Armenia, Ukraine and Serbia. Our multicultural group worked together on finding more about ourselves, our goals and achievements, our merits and demerits and youthwork approach to sensitive topics.

Main objectives of the activity were: 

  • Self growth and reflection
  • Practice of youthwork in sensitive topics
  • Networking between organizations for future cooperation


✺ In order to share our experience on the training course "Look inside" that took place in Spain, we have organized dissemination activity at Belgrade Pride Info Center.

    ✺ Dissemination had three activities which were participated by the volunteers from PIC organisation, members of other youth organisations, in general young people that are socially active, but haven’t had experience with Erasmus+.

    ✺ Objectives of the disseminations were social inclusion, promotion of non-formal education and introspectiveness.

    This was achieved firstly by inviting participants from different organisations and faculties
    from Belgrade. With the workshop we held we wanted to point out our importance in the
    community and raise awareness about the prejudices.

    Participants had an opportunity to share their personal experiences about the topics of prejudice, to engage in non-formal education and to learn about the opportunities within Erasmus+ network.

    #1 activity - ice breaker and getting to know each other

    We played a few name games and energizer games.



    #2 activity - impression workshop with pictures of unknown people

    ✺ Participants went over 14 pictures of (to them) unknown people that were actually famous for various achievements in their life. After each picture they had a task to write down a few sentences about their first impression that the face from the picture represented for them.
    ✺ People from the pictures had very different backgrounds, from being convicted felons to winning nobel prizes and being the first in their doings. People from the pictures were also different nationalities, races, religions and ethnic groups.
    Once the participants finished writing down their impressions, we explored the background of each person from the picture, which left them with very ‘not expected’ reactions.
    ✺ A discussion went further about the prejudices, stereotypes, but participants also started their own discussions beyond the trainee’s questions which left quite an impression on us.
    We finished the workshop by sharing personal stories on both being single-storied and single-storying other people.



    ✺ The conclusion of this activity was that most of the time we judge other people based on our first impression mostly because we feel uncomfortable by their behaviour. Sometimes we assume that person is being dishonest with us or playing roles, which leads us straight to judging the person. We agreed that in those situations we should help the person by telling them they can be comfortable with us, providing them with support and having understanding for people that are going through self growth and self improvement.

    #3 activity - Opportunities with Erasmus+

    ✺ We spoke about possibilities to go on different types of mobilities within Erasmus+. We shared our experiences, why the mobility activities were important for us and what we learned through activities. We provided participants with options for joining and finding Erasmus mobility activities, training courses, formal education options and volunteering activites.