The launch of GESP: Kick-off meeting in Serbia


In Belgrade, Serbia, the kick-off meeting of the project Re-imaging playing field - a gender equality in sport project, co-funded by Erasmus+, marked the start of an inspiring initiative.

The "Re-imagining the playing field - a gender equality in sport project" , is sport collaborative partnership project, aiming to promote gender equality in sport by addressing imbalances in gender representation. With great enthusiasm, participants from eight partnering organizations, including sport clubs, non-governmental organizations, and municipalities, came together with a shared focus on addressing gender disparities in sports.

The meeting began with a presentation on the LeaderShe project by Knowledge Infusion and RK Beograd, showcasing successful strategies for raising awareness about gender (in)equality. 
The comprehensive agenda included a detailed examination of the GESP project's implementation plan, milestones, and responsibilities among partners. Emphasis was placed on clearly defined deliverables to create lasting impact and dismantle gender barriers in sports.

Key performance indicators and metrics were discussed to measure GESP's effectiveness, aiming for measurable improvements in women's representation in sports. The meeting also addressed a communication strategy using social media, events, and publications to amplify GESP's reach. With a detailed plan, clear deliverables, and a robust communication strategy, GESP is poised to make a significant impact in fostering gender equality in sports.

The collaborative spirit demonstrated at the kick-off meeting sets a positive tone for successful
implementation and positive change in the sport landscape by partnering organizations from Portugal, North Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, and Serbia. Inspired by the LeaderShe project, participants enthusiastically embraced the challenges ahead in this transformative journey.